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The Ivy Story

Ivy started as a quest to help people. With decades of wireless communications experience and a desire to start a new venture, it was only natural to solve communication problems. In 2007, Ivy evolved out of the realization that it was hard for businesses to send messages to individuals, even though everyone had many ways to receive them - SMS, personal email, work email, etc. Businesses had learned to send corporate email and route voice calls, but SMS goes through private networks not so easily utilized by businesses. Ivy was born. The idea was simple - help people connect - fill the gaps in communication - and enable conversations that were otherwise difficult or impossible. Information in the hands of the right people at the right time could have a powerful and positive impact, saving time, saving money and even saving lives.

It was most important that Ivy be trusted, secure and private - a tool that could be used without fear of ending up the target of spammers. User convenience was also a very high priority. Why manage your contact information in many different databases when you could maintain it in one place and give businesses the ability to connect with you the way you allow, prefer or are able? Businesses could only expect people to use Ivytalk if it was beneficial for them. Ivy was designed as a network (like Facebook or LinkedIn) for this reason, but with an emphasis on privacy. Where Facebook provides a social graph, Ivytalk provides a Communication Graph®.

As people joined in the Ivy mission, we had to have a name. We had named the project "Ivy" early on. Projects are always named, most often under stealth circumstances, like when working on the next big wireless thing. "Ivy" simply captured the vision - green, organic, natural, robust, everywhere, interconnecting, hearty. When it came time to name the company, we didn’t expect Ivy to stick, but everyone kept coming back to that name. It had meaning.

We are all pleased to say that after many years invested, Ivy is growing, spreading - taking root. The gaps continue to increase as there are many more new ways to communicate than just SMS. And people have strong personal preferences - some message in Facebook, others in Skype, and many still prefer email. Ivy seeks to interconnect, and to make it easy to reach you when you want to be reached and how you want to be reached. The soil is rich, the conditions are right and what once was a little sprout is growing into a hearty plant.